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PolyureaDesk is the definitive solution

Polyure@Desk is a business proposition, an interactive application aimed at companies, designers and clients!
Polyure@Desk offers a comprehensive platform of products and machinery, accessories, measuring instruments and control and audit, during the project, both during processing and in the determination of the performance of in accordance with existing regulation..

For each question, we have the right answer!

PolyureaDesk wants to become a privileged interlocutor and directed to the applicators who engage or intend to dedicate themselves to the application of polyurea, but not only, in all sectors of the construction industry.
Waterproofing, protection supports, joints, containing water and chemicals, adhesives, stages and commercials.

Phone: (+39) 0377 702775

Via Paolo VI , 1
Castelnuovo Bocca d'Adda (LO)

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